Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning!

The training continues, hehe! Sorry if it's been a little quiet here on the journal/art front - I've been steadily training Matt on all of the ins & outs - he's picking it up wonderfully - should just be a matter of time before he can start doing a lot of things on his own! He's making the printing & sending lists right now, and getting the prints ready to send out, all by himself >^__^<

So now, I finally get to PAINT! I'm working on a kind of gothic/graveyard scene featuring a beautiful model who submitted some photos for my use. She is Asian with long dark hair and beautiful features and is named Ophelia, and hopefully this will turn out to be a lovely painting!

You can watch me HERE!!!

We went out with foxmagic for his birthday yesterday to PF Chang's - I had the vegetarian lettuce wraps - MAN those are good. And then he bought us (as early Christmas/birthday presents, hehe) the new expansion packs for Final Fantasy XI! Yay!!!!

The little corner grocery store on Market Street here in Celebration - "Gooding's" is closing shop now that they are opening a much larger full-service 24-hour Gooding's at Celebration's new Water Tower Place shopping area. I was sad at first, since I thought it was fun having that little corner grocery. Of course it will be nicer having the big 24 hour store though. But I just read in the local paper that where the old little grocery store was, there is now going to be a natural/organic/health food store!!! That's even better! Right now we usually have to leave Celebration to buy most of our health food stuff, so I'm very excited about having one so close now! Lol, little things make me happy sometimes =)

Okay, off to work!
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