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Training Matty, NEW Sale prints, etc.......

I've been working with Matt all day, training him on how to process orders, keep track of eBay stuff, customer records, and even how to do basic listings, print/store auctions, etc. He's doing very well - I think I'll have him working smoothly in no time =) So, I didn't get any painting done, but I got a TON of training done with Matt, which is invaluable.

LiveJournal is being a bastard! It ATE one of my entire posts! I had posted yesterday about my visit to the Celebration Arts & Crafts festival =P I received all of the comments though, lol - but I couldn't reply to them. I don't think there were any pressing questions on there, but if they were just ask me again (don't think I'm ignoring them, lol!). Hopefully this post will stay right here where it should be! Grrrr......

Among other things, I showed Matt how to do my print listings on eBay - he did a couple of them all by himself even (well, I was watching over his shoulder, hehe). SO, I have a BUNCH of great print sales this week!!!! I even have my newest Halloween painting - ( "Halloween Night") available as one of this week's SALE prints. Now, I don't typically offer prints of paintings that are currently up for auction, but since it's a holiday-themed piece I really wanted to make sure that prints would be available with plenty of time to ship before Halloween, so here we go:

"Halloween Night" 8"x10" & "Halloween Night" 12"x16"

I have a couple of my other recent paintings up as new SALE prints as well:

"By Starlight" 8"x10" & "By Starlight" 12"x16"

and "Fairy Oracle?" 8"x10" & "Fairy Oracle" 12"x16"

And also due to popular request, I have decided to occasionally offer some of my older prints up as SALE auctions (ones that have never been offered on eBay yet!) from time to time. Some of you may not be as familiar with some of these older pieces, but they are very beautiful! So for this week we have:

"Nymph of the Dying Leaves" 8"x10" & "Nymph of the Dying Leaves" 12"x16"

and "Fairy by Moonlight" 8"x10" & "Fairy by Moonlight" 12"x16"

And of course, you can see all of my new sale prints together HERE!!!

Okay, off to cook some dinner! I'm so happy that Matt seems to be picking up on all of this so quickly. It will be so nice not to have to worry about so much all of the time. It will also probably double the amount of time I get to spend painting, which will make me incredibly happy!
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