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New Artwork!!!!!!!

It's still windy out, but it looks like it's dying down out there. The frogs are back climbing on my doors and windows again, which is a good sign, lol. Poor little things - I guess they just hide during hurricanes - it looks like they made it through okay though!

I've got a couple of new pieces to share with you all!

The first was actually a custom commission, but the client was kind enough to give his blessing to offer her as prints for sale, so I've got her up on sale at eBay for only $10 this week:

"A Little Batty"

(The original has already been spoken for, since it's a commission!).

I have finished a brand new original painting today too - kind of a self portrait (like 99.9% of my art, but this one's a little more realistic, hehe). Here she is:

"By Starlight"

I was going to try to get to the rest of my emails tonight, but I'm so worn out from the painting and the hurricane and all, I think I'll have to catch up on that tomorrow morning. It looks like the Post Office will be closed tomorrow, so I don't have to worry about shipping out stuff until at least Tuesday.

G'night all!
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