Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning!!!

Matt only has 4 days left at work (next week!) and then he'll be working for me full-time - woohoo!!! >^__^< He talked to Dr. Nelson about leaving and all is well. It will be such a load off my back to have a full-time assistant >^__^<

Let me see - I'll mostly be working on a commission today. I'm getting some other stuff done as well - including my Artwanted book submission!

If you are looking to be "published" - Artwanted is putting together a self-published book profiling their members. Each person has to pay for part of the publishing (not a lot - depending on size I think it starts at $10 or $15) and it might be a good source of exposure. You need to be an Artwanted member (which is free!) - just CLICK HERE TO JOIN. (and if you use that link I get the referral credit, hehe!). Then after you upload some images they will review your portfolio and if they deem it suitable (I don't think they're very picky - it just needs to be good quality scans, moderately professional layout, decent art, etc.) then you can upload files to be printed in the book. The deadline is approaching fast, so if you're going to do it - start the process asap! I'm going to be included, as are a lot of other LJers I know. It's not a major released book or anything, mostly just sold online, but it could be fun to be in a book with your friends and fellow artists and it would be a nice "plug" for your art & website, etc.

In addition to that, I finally finished up working on a *big* new art book project! I can't say any more than that now, so please don't ask ;) Whew - I'm glad to be through with all of that file-burning, writing, etc.! And of course, I'm still working on my own art book - that's keeping me pretty busy. That, and these commissions and other art stuff - it will be so nice to have Matt here to help me out with some of the administrative and mundane things now! SO nice. So I'll also be working on and off camera throughout the day, and you'll be able to peek in on me occasionally HERE!

I'm off to do my Tae-Bo! I've only missed one day doing Tae-Bo (and it was while we were at the resort) in months of doing it every day, I'm very proud of myself. I'm definitely in the best shape I've ever been in, which feels really good.
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