Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
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Gristle is gone...

Gristle is gone. We had a love/hate relationship. Gristle was my first (and only) car. He was a White 1984 Camaro. He first belonged to my father - it was our family car while I grew up. My dad, my sisters and I went on many memorable vacations in it - Disneyland, Mesa Verde, San Francisco, etc. My dad was going to get rid of it when I was 16 since the engine was shot. He told me that if I fixed it up I could have it. So, I got the engine rebuilt and (a couple of YEARS later, when I got my license) I drove Gristle back and forth from college for five years. One time when I was driving to school somebody hit Gristle and smashed up Gristle's face. I put dozens of highly offensive bumperstickers on Gristle's bottom. Last year when I graduated, I stopped driving Gristle. Since I no longer needed to go to school, I pretty much stopped driving. Months would go by between drives. Then once when I was driving to Kachina's house, Gristle started making loud and expensive noises and unplanned movements. So, I ceased driving Gristle. He really started to piss me off. When I'd pass him in the parking lot I'd kick him (sometimes people would see me and glare - not knowing that it was my car!). The apartment complex repeatedly threatened to tow Gristle, but I think that it was mainly because of the bumper stickers. I couldn't shove Gristle into the Missouri River because my father's name was on the title since I never technically got it signed over to me. I was hoping that Gristle would get stolen. Instead, Matt's car was stolen, which pissed me off further. Today there was a tow notice (not surprising, since the plates are expired) and Gristle wouldn't start. We towed him back to my dad's house and he is now resting in his driveway. I relinquish my ownership of Gristle. And such is the circle of life....
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