Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


I can't find my keys!!! Hmph. This morning when I went to the Post Office I had to stop and see Matt to get the keys from him, so I could open up the van to get the mailbags out, lol. I hope I find them soon... that's annoying... they're probably somewhere really bloody obvious too and I'll feel very silly....

They only had one worker at the Post Office line today and it took me almost 20 minutes just to get everything sent out. I feel so bad making people wait behind me. I would schedule a pickup, but they don't appear to have a good way yet to send out international orders (which make up a HUGE chunk of my business), and they don't seem to have a good way to do some of the extras like insurance, certified mail, etc. which is also very important to me. Hmph. I was looking through my Quicken reports yesterday and realized I've spent something like $4,000 just in postage in the past 6 months...... that's just obscene! Of course, it's actually the customers that pay a good portion of that, but it just looks so crazy to see the receipts for it, lol.

Let me see... I've been mostly wading through email all morning. I've got two commissions to work on, and I'm planning a new BIG painting with multiple characters in it. After all of those froggies visited me last night I figured I'd better paint one, so I want to do something with frogs and faeries together (always a good combination!). I want to make it at least 18"x24" and use a bunch of colours in it. And the frog will be wearing human-clothes, because that always makes me laugh, lol.

Okay - I'll be painting shortly on this and various other projects - you can watch me HERE!

Oh yes!!! My "Pixie Cats" painting WON the EBSQ Pet Swap Show!!!!!!! I'm so happy!!! I received a big gift certificate up at MisterArt, so I'll be doing some shopping later, hehe....
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