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christmas loot - or is it l33t? (.....sorry)

so, christmas is over now. i got tons of cool stuff and had fun spending time with my family. i got sooo much great stuff i can't even remember it all! to see what i got....

here's what i got:

*tons of great body glitter, faery makeup, perfumes, bath stuff etc.
*an e-reader for my nintendo gameboy advance and a bunch of e-reader cards/games
*"Eye of the Beholder" for my gameboy advance (and yes, it is even cooler than the "Eye of the Beholder" i used to play on the Amiga back in the day...)
*an adorable sparkly black baby-doll style t-shirt with the "old hag" evil queen from Snow White!!!
*Lord of the Rings on DVD
*Monsters Inc. on DVD
*a magical antique chalice
*a gift certificate at Wild Oats (health food store)
*a Smoothie Maker!!!
*a wonderful art book featuring the works in the Nelson Art Gallery
*the NEW Dragonlance art book
*an awesome manga art book
*six bottles of liquor/drink mixes for my new smoothy maker(and the half-empty bottle of Southern Comfort from my mom - it's not what it sounds like!)
*a self-inflating Aerobed (for impending visitors to our future apartment)
*two books with assorted smoothy/mixed drink recipes
*two pairs of stripey tights
*some gorgeous antique-looking prints of palm trees (that matches my new bedding set) for our future apartment
*two cute faery-like nighties
*jars of fancy olives, imported cheeses, other fine foodstuffs
*tons of other cool stuff i can't think of right now!

matt got a bunch of great stuff too - including a remote-controlled car he's been driving the kitties crazy with, the Mr. Show with Bob&David DVD set, a bag of casino tokens, Queen of the Damned on DVD, TONS of books on Florida, nature survival books, Audubon guides, knives, antique-monkey themed pillows to match our future bedroom, and a bunch of other stuff.
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