Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Another busy day........

We had another fun day - we drove out to Harmony, Florida ( http://www.harmonyfl.com ) and toured the model homes - very nice!!! We also drove around Celebration looking at houses, apartments, etc. etc. etc. We went to Wolfgang Puck's restaurant at Downtown Disney and I had some delicious pumpkin ravioli. We then went over to the Gaylord Palms resort to look at their neat atriums with the alligators and tropical plants and Florida history stuff - very cool!

Everybody is chilling out in the living room watching tv, while I prepare a HUGE wholesale print order to ship out tomorrow..... Tomorrow is going to be a big "work catchup" day for me as well. Everybody else is going to Universal Studios =P I've been hit with massive amounts of email and other workstuffs that I need to get under control, and fast! I swear, man, this happens whenever I stop working for 8 hours - it's crazy!

Oooh!!! My "Cheshire Cat" design got picked up as a keychain design and I got my samples in the mail - they are AWESOME! I'll post them up for sale very soon =)

Oh yes - I put some of my more recent paintings up on eBay for my weekly "Print Sale" - check them out (8x10s are on sale for $10 and 12x16s are on sale for $20) here:


("Just About Midnight", "Leo", and the newest "Purple Winged Fairy" are this week's sales!!!).

Ugh, in other news - some $#*@^$(&#^ bastard in Mesa, Arizona appears to be using my debit card number to buy a bunch of groceries and crap, lol. I had to cancel the card and all of that junk. Hey Jodi - that's in your neck of the woods - will you go hang out in front of Safeway and beat the tar out of anybody who looks suspicous for me???? =P I hate that kind of stuff.

Back to work!!!
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