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Just checking in!

Busy busy times!

It's been crazy around here - I always seem to get swamped with orders and workstuff when my family comes to visit - eep! I worked all morning on a million different projects, trying to get orders under control, etc. while everybody else went to Disney World =P But I caught up with them mid afternoon and had a lot of fun up at Epcot. Then we went to Spoodles and I had the new version of their chef's vegetarian platter and MAN that was tasty - even better than the former version. We then caught the fireworks at Epcot and came home to pack up some orders, hehe.

Tomorrow morning we're going to the Winter Park Farmer's Market, and then to drive through various suburbs and neighborhoods with my sisters. They've looked up various houses in their respective price ranges to see what kind of houses/neighborhoods/etc. are getting what kind of prices, etc. Unfortunately every neighborhood kind of looks like a boarded up ghost town being in between hurricanes, hehe, but that will help give them a better idea of stuff if they want to move down here. I'll probably be back here painting/working a little later tomorrow though - I'll update then!

I'm sorry I haven't had much of a chance to keep up on LiveJournal for the past two days - it's a bit hectic around here. I hope everybody is well - thank you all for being my friends =)
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