Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning!!

It is a stunningly gorgeous day today - I went to the bank, etc. this morning and it's just so pretty out. Sigh. The whole low-lying areas are FLOODED though, which is so odd to see what is normally a fern covered forest that has turned into a ten foot deep lake..... It's happened before though, last year when we got a bunch of rain, and it all springs back pretty quickly.

Unfortunately most of Downtown Celebration was COMPLETELY blocked off - apparently they were filming a Buick commercial there that somehow involved Tiger Woods (the famous golfer or whatever) eating at the Market Street Cafe, lol. And of course there were a bunch of fans trying to catch a glimpse of him or something, so they had barricades up. And of course I was there (coincidentally, just trying to go to the bank) and had a camera (again, coincidentally in case I saw any wildlife), and the Sheriff kept trying to shoo me away, when I was just trying to deposit checks and photograph the swamps =P

Saw some alligators, but they were too far away to get good pictures. I saw a ton of wild turkeys - really cute, walking in a line in front of me on the path.

AHEM - Hurrican Ivan has altered his path a little, and now looks like he is going to hit us dead center =P They keep changing the path and posting it here: http://www.hwn.org/data/nhcww4.html It's still several days away though, so there's time for him to change direction.....::wishful thinking:: Everybody here is so sick of hurricanes - the first one was kind of exciting in a way, since our area only got hurricanes like that every fifty years or so. But three in three weeks? That's like winning some crazy evil lottery.

I'm working on my purple winged fairy - you can watch me HERE - I'm almost done! I'll scan her in and stick her up in my eBay store shortly, since in just a few hours we'll need to go pick up my family at the airport!!! I'll probably be pretty quiet for the next several days - please excuse me if I don't do much LiveJournal commenting, etc. etc. etc. I'll be off with my family and of course painting when I get a chance. I've got a couple of very important deadlines, so I can't go out to play as much as I'd like, but I'm sure we'll still have lots of fun =)
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