Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning!

It's a little windy out today (the wind is howling again OOoooOOOooo), but it's relatively dry so far, and even kind of sunny!

Our yard looks like it's held up pretty well - no trees down! My hibiscus and Mexican Petunias are on the ground again, but blooming. We don't have any fruit trees yet - if we did they'd probably look like these:

Fruit tree

I wonder if these hurricanes are going to put a premium on citrus fruit sales?

I'm going to be processing orders and emails probably for a couple of hours more this morning, and then I will be painting!!! I'll post when I start. I'm not sure if I will work on another Halloween painting, or maybe another BIG painting, or maybe one from my Call For Models - I've got too many ideas for artwork in my head, it seems.

I also need to get yet another CD burned with files for a possible project, I need to dye my hair, I need to get some Limited Edition Hand Accented Canvas prints done, I need to get some bills paid and sent out, I need to do all sorts of boring busy-work. Meh.

On Thursday though it will be fun times - my sisters Amber & Kachina, Amber's husband Chris, and Kachina's little baby Theodore are all coming to visit!!!! Unfortunately, James (Kachina's husband) has to WORK, so we'll miss him =( Amber & Chris will be here through Tuesday, and Kachina & Theo will stay through that next Sunday! Matt's off work for a while (I think Dr. Nelson is going on vacation or something so they're closing the office), so he'll be home the whole time too - yay!!! I'll still have to work of course =P I have a couple of very important deadlines I need to meet, but I'll get to hang out a lot and it'll be nice having everybody in town. We need to call the Garden Cafe and see if they will be open (they're in downtown Orlando by a lot of big trees - I'm worried that they might be closed for repairs or something). We also need to call the Preview Center in Harmony - Amber & Chris want to look at the model houses there (Harmony, Florida is another "concept" town a lot like Celebration, but focusing on nature and the environment - a little more affordable too - http://www.harmonyfl.com ).

Um, okay - it just rained REALLY hard for less than two minutes, while I was typing this, and now it's sunny again....

Off to work!
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