Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


Hehe, Matt & I got a bit sidetracked - I know I'm supposed to be working, but since the storm is coming I wanted to go on a quick bike ride while it's still nice out, since I don't know when the next chance I'll be able to would be!

We went all over town - saw some alligators of course, hehe. I looked for the big one on the sandbar that I saw last time, but not only was he not visible, neither was the sandbar! The water is rising I guess. It's very high and still flooded in some areas from Charley, and they say we might get 20" or more of rain from Frances!! That's insane! We've got a curfew now too - 9pm =P I haven't had a 9pm curfew since, well, ever! Also it said on the news that they are suspending alcohol sales - what's that about? I'm glad we stocked up early =P

The animals are all acting weird outside - we saw a little armadillo eating ants out by the reserve in the middle of the day (usually I see them just at night). He was so cute and friendly! I even petted him for a little while and he didn't run away! %&@$ Again I forgot my camera - it was truly a Kodak moment, hehe.

Then we went to our little Downtown Celebration area and went to Sherlock's (a vegetarian British restaurant/teahouse) and had some tea and cake and savouries. They have vegetarian steaks there now - I'll have to try one next time. I was worried since it's under new management and I was afraid they'd ditch the vegetarian menu, but luckily the new people (also British - there are getting to be more British ex-pats here than natural citizens, hehe) said that they're keeping it all - yay!

Now I'm back and ready to paint some more - I'm not sure where this piece is going - I'm just painting randomly to see what turns up. You can watch me HERE.
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