Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning!!!!!!

Another busy day!!

Let me see, I finished that custom painting - I've got just one thing to touch up on it and then it'll be all done >^__^<

We got Matt's PS2 last night, so now he can play FFXI with me! If I get my work done early today I'll try to squeeze some of that in.

Hurricane Frances is on the way, and shows no sign of letting up. We went to SuperTarget last night and everybody was in typical hurricane-frenzy, all of the water, batteries, etc. in town are of course sold out. We bought some diet Vanilla & diet Cherry Cokes, and some wine coolers though, hehe. I'm hoping that we won't lose power or have to worry about water, etc., but I'm still going to prepare just in case. If things move as the meteorologists suggest (like in this map HERE), Frances should be showing up here early on Sunday morning.

Let me see.... I started setting up a gallery at
ArtWanted.comArtWanted.com! You can see my little gallery here:

ArtWanted.comJasmine's ArtWanted Gallery

It's a really cool site, free to sign up (but you can pay for a "Premium Gallery". Kind of like a cross between Elfwood or Epilogue and one of those "Am I Hot or Not" sites, lol. It's for all kinds of art, and people can post comments and vote on a scale of 1-10. You can even sell prints through them! I just stuck a handful of pictures up there and I got in the Top Ten for the day, hehe. I'll stick a bunch more pictures up there when I get some more free time - I've already gotten several hits to my website from people who saw my gallery there. If anybody wants to sign up, ArtWanted.comdo it here and I get a referral credit, ;) It seems like a good source of exposure, and a great way to get instant feedback from viewers.

I'm trying my best to get some of my new products up for sale in my eBay store! I'm scanning in some of the postcards & lightswitch plates right now! On eBay I'm only selling the postcards in sets, not individually (because of the fees), but soon I'll have them on my website too, along with the t-shirts and the lightswitch plates (I think I might put the switchplates up on eBay too though, we'll see.). I'll post here when it's all ready!!

Off to work!
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