Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

jim henson

The Jim Henson company is up for sale. Disney is (rumoured to be) putting in a bid for $135 million. The Powerball Jackpot is currently at $280 million. Now, if I win the Powerball Jackpot (yes, that is a pretty big if), I would seriously think about putting in a bid. Jim Henson creations have always been close to my heart (Matt's too, even more than me). What an interesting thought...

If I don't win the Powerball (yes, there's that tiny chance that I won't win), I really do hope that Disney does purchase the company. They've of course had limited partnerships with Jim Henson Co. and have assorted licensing and distribution deals, and I've enjoyed the results of Disney/Muppet collaborations.

I've always loved the contributions to the Jim Henson Co. from Brian and Wendy Froud particularly ( http://www.worldoffroud.com ). Their son Toby (who actually played baby Toby in the movie Labyrinth!) is interning at the Jim Henson Workshop (what a cool job!).

Along a similar line - I got a letter from the publisher of the book I'm working on. He just came back from Brian & Wendy Froud's house in Devon and shared some cool pictures of Wendy's puppets and the couple in their home. Brian has agreed to write the forward to the book (yay!!!) which is very exciting. I received the final list of the artists working on our book - there are 24 total. Half are from the US, the rest are mostly from the UK and Japan. I had chosen 6 pieces to go with my bit earlier, but now they just asked me to submit 10! I'm going to paint right now - I'd like to get some more new pieces published. It makes me nervous (yet thrilled) that I'm going to be featured alongside some of my favourite artists of all time....
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