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My Theory........

Today I tested my theory that every single body of water in Florida has alligators lurking beneath their surface. To test this, I played a little game on my way to the post office.....

Click below (has blurry pictures!!!) (Hehe, you might not want to read this, Jodi!!! ::wink wink::)

To get to the Post Office, I ride my bike on a winding trail that goes through the woods and past a total of four different lakes. This time I decided to stop and circle each lake until I saw an alligator. Every single time I found at least one, without having to circle more than twice!!! They are everywhere - people just don't look for them! Granted, they are very easy to miss if they are in the water. But if you just focus your eyes on the surface you WILL see alligators. When I got to Lake Evalyn, there was a BEAUTIFUL alligator that was longer than I am tall, sunning himself right on a sand bar that was sticking out in the lake - right out in the open! Only about 10 feet from the sidewalk, where I saw a total of five joggers/dog walkers go RIGHT BY without even looking at it! I was so excited I turned around and went home to get my camera, but by the time I got there he had already left and was probably submerged. I'm so angry I missed him - it was like he was posing just for me =P I'm going to start carrying my camera with me every time I go to the post office from now on!!!!

I was very grumpy that I didn't catch him on camera. But, on the way back though I snapped photos of some other alligators who were hiding in the water (horrible photos taken while my bike was moving, lol, sorry!!!).::

Okay, so that last one was of some wild turkeys, hehe. So, I guess so far my theory is true, hehe - I saw a total of six or seven alligators out of 4 lakes, not bad! I'm going to bring my camera next time in case I see one out of the water - they are so beautiful!

I'm getting ready to paint! I'm going to be working on tigerpixieart's portrait of her kitties! The deadline is today, hehe, so I'd better hop to it! You can watch me HERE!
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