Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good Afternoon!!!

Finally! My internet connection has been dodgy all morning, which was driving me nuts since I was trying to answer email, catch up on LJ, keep my webcam up, etc.

I've got it up now and you can watch me paint HERE! I'm working on my EBSQ "Pet Swap" entry, for which I'm doing a painting of tigerpixieart's kitties!!!

I woke up to some happy news! I was selected to appear in "The New Masters of Fantasy" which is being published by the folks up at Epilogue!!!!!! I am SO incredibly thrilled!!!! The judges were Jeff Easley, Larry Elmore, and Don Maitz - three of my favourite fantasy artists of all time. Larry Elmore in particular was a huge influence on me growing up - a big part of the reason really I even thought of being a fantasy artist as a career choice. I feel incredibly honoured that he and the other judges have even heard of me, let alone chose me!

The list of artists can be seen here: http://www.mastersoffantasy.com/2004/artists.html

I'll let you all know when I find out more! I don't even know which picture(s) were selected, hehe.

You'll probably recognize several of the names on the list - they are truly some of the Masters of modern fantasy art. Two names in particular that you should recognize are those of delphineart & uminomamori!!! Congratulations to you both!!!!!

In other news, it looks like Allura has found a home! I should have prints available of her very shortly!!!!

Okay, off to work! >^__^
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