Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

I'm painting!

I'm working on another biiig 24"x30" painting (my art table is 30" wide, hehe) - it's coming along great so far!

You can watch me HERE on my webcam.

Yesterday was a lot of fun - we went out with my LJ friend brilliant_snark and her family, and foxmagic to the Market Street Cafe. (Hey Nedda - she had one of your buttons on her purse!) We then went with Brian to Radio Shack for various electronic sundries, and then Matt & Brian went to Best Buy to buy FFXI for Matt's PS2 (the PS2 we're still waiting on in the mail, hehe). I DID receive a big shipment of my postcards & switchplates & stuff in the mail finally - yay! I'll be adding that all to my site and eBay store very soon.

This morning we got up early and went out to the Winter Park Farmer's Market where we got veggie bratwursts from our favourite hot-dog stand, and stocked up on fresh produce. We also finally figured out where Whole Foods is here (it was embarrassingly close to the farmer's market out in Winter Park actually, LOL). I bought a TON of food at Whole Foods - mostly fake meats (vegetarian versions of meats - made out of texturized vegetable proteins, soy proteins, glutens, mycoproteins, etc.). They carry the new vegetarian sausages made by the Tofurky brand (even though they're not made from Tofurky, hehe) - we bought their new Kielbasa style, Sundried Tomato Italian sausage style, and their new Beer Bratwursts (which I think is the type they sell at the hotdog stand). I also bought a couple of Veat brand vegetarian chicken breasts, a bunch of Veat tenders, a couple of Quorn meatless roasts, some Quorn tenders, two packets of the new Tofurky deli slices (the hickory smoked type and the "cranberry & stuffing" flavor fake turkey too, hehe). And a bunch of Amy's Organic frozen stuff, Linda McCartney meals, Quorn's "Naked Cutlets", vegetarian chicken Taquitos, veggie Dim Sum dumplings, etc. etc. etc. Our freezer is FULL!!!!

Winter Park looks like it got hit by Hurricane Charley pretty bad - trees were still down everywhere =( It's a town chock-full of giant trees though, so there are still plenty left, hehe.

Then Matt & I rode our bikes out around Celelbration, through Aquila Reserve - we saw some beautiful deer wading in the swamp - they didn't even seem very afraid of us!

Now I'm painting though, I'd better get off to work!
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