Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What busy weekend I'm going to have - aaaaah!!!!

Oh! First of all, everybody needs to go look here:


Carrie has painted my babies - Azrael & Quan-Yin!!! We are partners for the EBSQ Pet Swap! So that means that sometime this week I'll be painting her kitties too, hehe!!!!!!!!!! (I think there will probably be a fairy in there too, lol.) Didn't she do an awesome job? She takes commissions too - very reasonable prices. Check out her site here: http://tigerpixie.com/

Let me see..... today my friend Anastasia (brilliant_snark and her husband & little girl are coming over! >^__^< It will be nice to take a little break from all of this work =P

I've got so much on my plate right now - I've got to get a bunch of files burned onto CDs for (count 'em) THREE possible publications, and some text written up too. My webcam will probably be going up and down all weekend since I'll be burning files on my computer.

I have the Pet Swap painting to do of course, hehe, and several other pieces - some paintings that display the "entire figure" type pieces for a certain other project, so those will probably be some BIG paintings. I already have the basic sketches for those so I'll have to blow them up and maybe use my projector (if I can find it - I haven't dug it out for years). I'll need to find it anyways since I'll definitely be using it for murals once I get started painting my house here. Basically it takes your small sketch and then it projects it at a much larger size so you can draw it on the wall - very cool.

But now, I first must answer some email and go through some orders, etc. before our company comes over!
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