Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

i've procrastinated enough....

i've finally gotten around to updating my livejournal =P

i've finished two paintings today (hooray for me)! they're both small and blue. i know picasso had a "blue period" where a series of his paintings were all in shades of blue (pretty much his only decent paintings, if you ask me...). i'm not sure what his reasons were for picking blue, but mine today was that i didn't feel like dragging any of my other paints out from under the couch. besides, i think sometimes monochromatic pieces are more powerful. as usual, i've put them both up on eBay, starting at a penny. hopefully they'll end at far more than that! i had two auctions end at $46.00 and $80.00 today - not too shabby. i need to get my shit together and try to do at least two paintings a day. of course, i worked on a custom portrait today too - and luckily the family likes it so far!

sisters left for florida yesterday - they're probably there tonight at Fort Wilderness campgrounds in Disney World. sigh! i believe that they will be eating dinner at the lovely California Grill. oh well, matty and i will be there in a couple of weeks. (not to mention i'll be living there next year!) i expect kachina might give me a call from epcot or something with her cell phone (one time she called me from Worlds of Fun whilst riding the Octopus Ride).

i got my Poser 3 software in the mail today - yay! i bought it off of eBay for $40. it isn't Poser 4, but it's hundreds of dollars cheaper, so who cares! i've been fooling around with it this afternoon - it's pretty cool. for those of you who don't know, Poser is a software where you have 3D models of people and animals that you twist and turn into whatever pose you like. you can also create your own models, etc. i think it will be an invaluable tool for my artwork - far cheaper than hiring my own models to pose for me! not that it matters, most of my pictures end up looking like me anyway =P

until next time...

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