Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

I got my contact lenses today in the mail! Actually, they must have arrived late yesterday seeing as today is Sunday. Luckily, the solution in which they were contained didn't freeze =) I love my new lenses - they make my eyes unbelivably shiny, and they have actual glitter in them of course, which is a bonus. Here's a picture (self-taken) - you can't really appreciate the shiny effect though:

Amber just dropped by to give me her calendar pages. Kachina gave me hers last night, so now I'm set. Every year you see, my sisters and I make a calendar for our dad to give him on Christmas. Amber usually makes collages, Kachina usually either makes something out of our family photos or she makes pictures out of oil pastels or paintings, and I usually make prints of my paintings from throughout the year (and occasionally I'll collage in some family photos too!). It's my job to scan in our pages and print them out in glossy calendar format. I need to work on that tonight. OK, so tomorrow I need to just buy a couple more presents and wrap everything up. Then, I get to sit back and relax through Christmas. After that, I need to get some serious painting done. I need to buy some sort of shipping crate to get my artist proofs sent to the distributors up in Canada tomorrow as well. Argh.

In other news - Matt (my husband of course) has started writing in his LiveJournal again. Here he is: kaokame
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