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My hibiscus plant is in full bloom, which is a great sign, as are my Mexican Petunias. However, they're all lying flat on the ground (as opposed to standing up taller than I am....). I was worried that the hurricane had wiped them out, but maybe they're just resting.....

Let me see..... yesterday was bloody exciting (sarcasm). Lots of computer crap. I spent all day burning backup discs of my uber-high-res images, backing up files, etc. etc. etc. Then of course, recording where which files were kept and on which discs, etc. I also decided to start storing my eBay images separately than my website, since my website has been reaching near its bandwidth limit, mostly from my eBay/eBay store images. I like my website host, and their software, and I REALLY didn't feel like moving it =P So I found a new hosting company for http://www.strangeling.org (COMPLETELY SEPERATE from http://www.strangeling.com , my actual site) ONLY to keep my eBay images, etc. I found a host that lets me have 5 gigs of transfer a DAY, very cheaply, with a high guaranteed uptime, which is what I need. Perfect solution. I don't think just eBay alone will exceed that bandwidth, and if it does (lol - I'd have to be getting a LOT of hits!) then it would at least re-set the next morning. And my regular site itself won't be affected >^_^<

In other news, I went ahead and put a new graphics card in my computer, since my old one was fried. Matt & I both re-activated our Dark Age of Camelot accounts =) I had been thinking about getting FFXI and maybe eventually EQ2, but both will require me to get at least one new computer (since Matt & I play together, of course!), so I'm going to wait on that. In the meantime I can get my MMORPG fix with DAOC if I want to, hehe.

This morning I've been making the never-ending prints, and trying miserably to catch up on email (actually, I did pretty well!). I'm really tired of sitting at my computer though now, so I'm going to PAINT! I'm not sure what yet, I'm just going to start slapping paint down and see what comes out!

You can watch me here shortly HERE on my webcam!
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