Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning...er...um...I guess it's afternoon.....

Hmmm....let me see.....

Pretty typical day so far, got up, did Tae Bo, rode my bike down to the Post Office (Matt's been parking next to it with the day's packages stored in his car, so I don't have to carry a hundred mailing tubes, lol). Went to the bank. Rode back home stopping through Aquila Reserve looking for critters. Usually I see a bunch of deer and wild turkeys, but this time I just saw a million turtles and giant Wood Storks trying to catch fish (they look like dinosaurs!!!!!). It's hotter today than it has been - it's supposed to hit 90. Not so bad though, most of the biking trail is through the shade, and when I go fast it makes a nice breeze =)

I've been working on a portrait commission and I'm almost done! Probably another hour or so and I'll have it finished =)

I finally went ahead and confirmed a big shipment of new merchandise that will be arriving within this week - huzzah! Not everything is in stock at the warehouse yet, but I'll at least have 3 designs of the lightswitch plates, three designs of the black vintage print T-shirts (baby-doll style, S, M & L), and 5 designs of postcards! I'm going to put a new section of my website up for my merchandise, and then I will put a bunch up in my eBay store too. I might keep the shirts just on my website - it would get confusing having all of the sizes and stuff on eBay (I'm an artist, not a department store, lol) and my website has the shopping cart system that will work with that better. I'll probably only sell the postcards in sets (sets of 5 - one of each design) on eBay too, for the sake of fees, but I'll probably offer them individually on my website. It's so strange selling actual STUFF in addition to the usual prints & paintings - a completely different enterprise all together! Storage is a bigger issue, and shipping changes drastically, etc. Very odd. Anyway - I'll update of course when everything is ready for sale!!!

Okay - I'm off to finish that commission!!!!!!!! I'll post later if I end up working on something in front of the webcam ;)
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