Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

yay - i got my new comforter and my pillowcases and sham today =) it all looks great - i'm leaving it all zipped up in the bags until we move. ::sigh:: it looks sooo cozy, but it really wouldn't feel right to put it all on our crappy walmart futon. i'm proud - the retail price for the set is like $1200 and (since i'm piecing it all together from eBay and factory-seconds) i think i'm going to get it all for less than $300. not too bad for Croscill stuff.

damn, i haven't gotten my contacts in the mail yet. i wish they'd hurry up and get here.

wow, i'm going be busy next week with assorted christmas festivities. on monday evening we're going to have christmas at my mom's place, with my sisters and their husband/fiances. then, on tuesday morning we're going to my step-grandmother's (robin's mother's) house for xmas there. then, on tuesday night we are going to my maternal grandfather's house for the big christmas eve celebration with my mom's side of the family. and then, on christmas morning we will be at my dad's house, for our main christmas (with my sisters et al). then, mid-christmas day we are going to my paternal Grandma's house in St. Joseph for the celebration with my dad's side of the family. then, later on in the evening on christmas we are going to my mother's house to see my cousins who we aren't going to see on christmas eve. and i'm still not sure when we're going to do the xmassy stuff with matt's side of the family. luckily (in this instance at least) his whole side of the family isn't into the big family celebration stuff, otherwise i'd go insane.

hehe, matt's probably going to be anxious by the end to finally get the chance to play with all of his new stuff =)

i put up 4 little (6x8") paintings on eBay today. i'm letting them run for 10days each since eBay slows waaaay down directly before and after xmas. i know i probably won't get very many bids, but i like to have at least a little something up for auction.
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