Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning!!

Yesterday was so much fun!

First, we got our bicycles - we picked the old fashioned kind, without hand brakes or different gears, etc. Since Florida is so flat, there's really no need for all of that nonsense =P (That, and I never figured out hand brakes, lol).

We rode all over town - there are so many nature trails and raised boardwalks through the woods and swamps back behind our house - this place was made for bikes, it seems! We circled several of the lakes, rode to downtown Celebration, etc. Too much fun!!! Thank you so much to my family for giving me the gift certificates!!!!!!!

Then we went to nymphie & synthestatic's housewarming party! We had such a fun time - lots of good food, neat people, cozy house - a wonderful time. They had so much good stuff to eat - veggie burgers, all kinds of cheeses, berries & fruits, cakes, vegetables with dips, yumyumyum. They had three beautiful very nice kitties that lived there too. Thank you again for inviting us, Lesley!

I've got a lot of work piled up for me now though - great masses of email (I can't believe I got my inbox down to the double digits the other day - what happened???), orders to process, and I've got a couple of more commissions lined up that I will be working on shortly (I'm not sure if they will be on or off camera).

I of course will be doing a lot more original paintings this week - and some other work on a certain secret project (well, actually two secret projects, hehe). I would like to get some more paintings up in my eBay store at fixed prices too - I'm trying to do that more often. Especially coming up - next month's issue of Juxtapoz (my favourite art magazine!!!) will have an advertisement for my website in there, so I'd like to prepare for a possible influx of new traffic. I already had to upgrade my webhosting this month again - two months in a row I had come within just a few MBs of exceeding my bandwidth, so I thought I had better.

Right now though I need to go out and run some errands with Matty - I might be painting "on cam" later this evening though (or I might be working on some other projects "off cam" - we'll see). If I am I will post the link here =)
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