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New Zodiac Painting!!!!!

After a brief hiatus, I've finished my new Zodiac painting!!!

It is the fourth installment in the series and is called "Cancer" (the fourth sign in the Zodiac). Cancer is a water-sign, and this piece is chock full of symbolism. Little Cancer is wading in a moonlit pool filled with lotus blossoms (the flower associated with Cancer), with amber coloured eyes, hair streaks and clothing (the colour associated with Cancer), and she has the Cancer Zodiac symbol on little dress! And if you look up in the sky you will see the constellation of Cancer prominently displayed brightly in the stars! In addition you can see the Moon (the planetary ruler of Cancer) in the sky! I will be continuing on soon with the other signs very soon - next comes Leo!!!!

You can see her here:

Zodiac #4: "Cancer"

Enjoy! I'm off to cook up some dinner =)
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