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Commission Day!

Today I'm solely going to be working on commissions! I have several I'm working on all at once, and I need to catch up!

They're all in various states of being finished, so I really need a day or two to just work on them with undivided attention (I sometimes have a bad habit of starting to work on something and getting sidetracked by another painting, or email, or eBay, etc.). So today is officially "Commission Day" for me! Since these are personal portraits I'm going to be working "off camera".

Thank you for all of your great comments on my last painting! I'm going to probably have an "Email Day" tomorrow, lol, and catch up on that ;)

And after that, it will be a bunch of new original paintings! Including:

*The 8th installment in my Alice series!
*Some BIG paintings! (I have a huge roll of enormous gorgeous canvas!!!) It's been a long time since I've done a BIG painting!
*Some more Self-Portraits (and maybe some Friend/Fan portraits from my
Call For Models
, too!)
*Maybe a new Gothling!
*Finally more ZODIAC paintings! Cancer will be next!
*and MORE ;)

Okay, enough of that - I'm off to work work work!!!
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