Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

I'm back!!!!!

I'm back from my trip visiting my family out in Kansas City!!!

We're now safely back home here in Florida. I miss all of my family already, but it is good to be back =)

We had a great time - we stayed with my sister Amber and her husband Chris, and that was our "home base" for the trip. We did all kinds of fun stuff while we were there - we went to the Nelson Atkins Gallery of Art, the casino, the Omaha Zoo, lots of restaurants, etc. We went up to St. Joseph to my grandma's house and blew up lots of fireworks, had a fourth of July picnic, etc. We went to the Plaza, and out for Indian food with callandor and novemberhour. We did a lot - it all kind of blurs together, lol.

Now I'm back, and ready to work! For most of today I will be sorting through the orders that backed up while I was gone (almost 100 prints total - geez!!!). I'll be answering emails too - I tried to keep up with some of that while I was gone, but it started getting a little crazy. I tried to flip through LiveJournal a few times, but as usual I fell way behind there too - I apologize. I'm just going to start looking from today onwards, lol.

I've got some commissions to work on, and the other Aesop's Fables. I'm also going to need to do some MAJOR website work and eBay store stuff too! I've got a LOT of new merchandise coming! I got the catalogue with my new T-shirts in it - woohoo! There are three designs - all on black ("baby-doll" style ladie's t-shirts) - "Horned Fairy", "Vinyl Fairy", and "Two Headed Girl" are in this line. They'll be available in sizes Small, Medium, and Large (unfortunately the company producing my shirts haven't offered plus sizes at this time, I apologize!). I'll have the shirts, postcards (about 12 different designs) and lightswitch plates here very soon, and I'll be putting them up on my website, eBay store, etc. asap - I'll of course update here when I've got it all set up!

Okay, off to work! I will post here later when I have the webcam ready to go!
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