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day trading

i've created a $50,000 fantasy account at ameritrade.com - you get an imaginary $50,000 in an ameritrade account that works just like a real one, to learn how to play the stock market. i'm thinking about getting a real account soon, so i thought i would try this one out for awhile. i bought imaginary shares in a number of stocks that are very low right now (AOL, Adobe, Peregrine Systems, GM, and PayPal). i quickly sold Adobe after it went up a little, and made a few hundred imaginary dollars.

to open a real account they require at least a $1000 investment, and you get 25 free trades (after that it is $8 a trade). i think i might go ahead and open an account a little while after i learn how it all works a little better.

matt is feeling much better, and is eating a brownie ice cream sundae. i finished some lovely business cards for a graphic design project for awhile yesterday, and put up "Hatchling" and "Welcome Embrace" on eBay. they are currently at .01 cents and $5.50 respectively (woo hoo!). matt and i stayed up till about 4:00 am sitting on the porch swing watching the bad-ass thunderstorms last night. he has written a short tale about goblins and we are thinking about collaborating on a children's book (i would illustrate it of course!). i may do some goblin art today. i haven't heard from sisters yet today - hopefully they got the Candy Pony fixed and are on their way home. i hate cars. cars are bad.
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