Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Email attack!!!!!!!

I've been answering email all day since I woke up. Holy COW that was a lot of email. But now I'm down to low double digits in my email box - that's hardly happened since I first got that email account six years ago.....

I feel so accomplished!

And bored =P

At least Matt & I took a break and went out to dinner - I had received a $100 gift certificate at Cafe D'Antonio's from my real estate agent (for my birthday!). I had some eggplant ravioli and a walnut/arugula salad - very tasty. We have plenty of $$ left on the gift certificate so we can go back sometime again at least once! I love gift certificates to restaurants - it's fun to go out and not feel silly about overspending!

Now I'm back home and I'll probably work on some sketches or maybe start a new painting. I finished that big commission, and now the next client on my waiting list is commissioning FOUR paintings from me! Lots of custom painting going on here! Which is good, since I haven't been able to do as much artwork over the past few weeks, what with the move and being out of town, etc. (not to mention I just spent a small fortune on real estate, lol).

Also this next week I'll be working on three illustrations for an Aesop's Fables book - "The Fox and the Monkey", "The Crab and the Fox", and "The Widow and her Little Maidens".

I'm also going to work on a couple of new fairytales - "Thumbelina" and "Cinderella". And probably a bunch of other paintings too =P

Well, off to work!
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