Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

a long boring annoying quiz

so, i thought i'd do this quiz thingy. you don't have to read it if you don't want to ;)

[ Name ]: Jasmine Becket-Griffith

[ Born in ]: Kansas City (well, technically Overland Park, KS)
[ Resides in ]: Kansas City, MO (moving to Celebration, FL in a couple of months though!)
[ Good student? ]: I already graduated from college, but I was a straight-A top-of-the-class student from Kindergarten all the way through college.
[ Eyes ]: Naturally blue, but I wear many different coloured and special effects contact lenses.
[ Hair ]: Naturally blonde, but dyed black. Sometimes green.
[ Shoe size ]: 5 1/2

Last time you..

[ Had a nightmare ]: two nights ago
[ Said "I love you" and meant it ]: a couple of minutes ago
[ Ate at McDonald's ]: never, even their fries have meat in them.
[ Dyed your hair ]: 3 weeks ago
[ Brushed your hair ]: an hour or two ago
[ Washed your hair ]: very very early this morning
[ Cried ]: i can't remember.
[ Called someone ]: i can't remember. it's probably been weeks. i hate telephones.
[ Smiled ]: right now
[ Laughed ]: right now
[ Talked to an ex ]: i don't have any! i married my first boyfriend =)

Do You...

[ Smoke? ]: no way!
[ Do drugs? ]: no, not since i was in high school.
[ Have sex? ]: well, i ammarried!
[ Sleep with stuffed animals? ]: yes - Dog (since i was 6 months old) and two stuffed frogs
[ Have a dream that keeps coming back?]: yes, a couple. particularly dreams where my are falling out and i keep swallowing them (i HATE that dream!), and another about tornadoes.
[ Play an instrument? ]: lots of them, but none extraordinarily well.
[ Believe there is life on other planets? ]: most likely
[ Remember your first love? ]: yeah, he's sitting next to me =)
[ Still love him/her? ]: see above
[ Read the newspaper? ]: no, i'm too busy reading the news online
[ Have any straight friends? ]: um, yeah
[ Consider love a mistake? ]: eh
[ Like the taste of alcohol? ]: no, i don't care for the taste of alcohol. i enjoy trying to mask it with girly fruity flavours though.
[ Believe in God? ]: no. certainly not any specific one.
[ Pray? ]: no
[ Go to church? ]: no
[ Have any secrets? ]: yeah, probably
[ Have any pets ]: 2 kitties, Azrael and Quan-Yin
[ Talk to strangers who instant message you]: not any more. but that is how i met Matt!
[ Wear hats? ]: sometimes
[ Have any piercings? ]: a couple of them in my ears.
[ Have any tattoos? ]: no, for some reason i don't.
[ Hate yourself? ]: no, wouldn't that be annoying and uncomfortable?
[ Have an obsession? ]: i only have obsessions. if i like something, i generally really like something.
[ Have a secret crush? ]: no
[ Collect anything? ]: yeah, kinda.
[ Have a best friend? ]: Matt, and my sisters.
[ Like your handwriting? ]: yeah, my handwriting is bad-ass!
[ Have any bad habits? ]: yes, but i refuse to acknowledge them.
[ Care about looks? ]: not really. just mine.
[ Boy/girlfriend's looks? ]: no, i fell in love with matt before i even saw his picture =)
[ Friends and other people? ]: no - that's their own business!
[ Believe in witches? ]: yes, obviously
[ Believe in Satan? ]: not just no, but hell no!
[ Believe in ghosts? ]: yes, but i don't claim to know what exactly "ghosts" are


[ Dress ]: eh, i'm lazy today. pink floyd t-shirt & black jeans.
[ Mood ]: bored, yet content
[ Make-up ]: a little eyemakeup
[ Music ]: none, some show on the Travel Channel
[ Taste ]: tasty?
[ Hair ]: down, and still slightly damp from being washed 15 hours ago...
[ Annoyance ]: why has it been dark outside for over an hour? geez, it's only 6:30... i hate winter.
[ Smell ]: old incense.
[ Thought ]: i want to go to a movie.
[ Book ]: Amphigorey Also (Edward Gorey anthology - i just bought it!)
[ Fingernail Color ]: none
[ Refreshment ]: diet Vanilla Coke...as always...
[ Worry ]: must....paint...
[ Favorite Celebrity ]: Mr. Toad

Last Person:

[ You Touched ]: Matt
[ You Talked to ]: Matt
[ You Hugged ]: Matt
[ You Instant messaged ]: my dad
[ You Yelled At ]: Matt
[ You Had A Crush On ]: Matt
[ Who broke Your Heart ]: nobody... and if they ever did...grrr
[ Kissed ]: Matt

Who do you want to:

[ Kill ]: hmm... i really shouldn't say. with the new privacy invasive "Domestic National Security" laws, i wouldn't like the feds showing up in five minutes...
[ Slap ]: see above
[ Tickle ]: hehe, matt
[ Talk To ]: um, i don't know, dead or alive?
[ Have Sex with ]: Matt
[ Kiss ]: Matt
[ Be Like ]: Mr. Toad
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