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I'm off!!!!

I'm getting ready to go to the airport!!!!

I'm going to be gone for about one week, back late on June 2nd.

All shipping, email, etc. will be attended to upon my return on June 3rd!

I will have some limited email access while I'm gone, so if there is something important that requires my attention while I am gone, you can email me (with "IMPORTANT" in the title of the email!).

Otherwise, I'll probably check in a couple of times while I'm gone!

I'll be in Kansas City, Wichita, Omaha, etc. (ie - the Midwest), visiting family, zoos, and so forth. Matt will stay behind, so I will miss him terribly =( I have a new painting I finished today, and it will be auto-listed this evening - I'll post here with the link when she's up for sale!

Have a wonderful week, everybody!!!!
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