Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

National Parks

i just got back from doing some xmas shopping with amber & my mother. we also went to Panera bread and i got a Mediterranean Veggie sandwich (yum!). right now i'm watching a great show on the Travel channel about our National Parks. they just were showing Arches (one of my favourite places in the world). Arches is such a large place - they showed a lot of areas of the park i've never even seen! apparently, there are many yet-undiscovered arches in the park, and if you find one you can name and register it (it has to be at least 3 feet high). that would be a fun trip - i'd definitely bring a reliable GPS device with me though!

cool - now they're showing the Everglades. i'll live a lot closer to there soon =) wow - they've only had one alligator attack there since 1947. i love alligators! oooh! now they're showing my baby crocodiles!! i'm going to paint some more swamps.

with our moving plans and repeated trips to florida this year we didn't get to do our usual tour of the National Parks. i miss them a lot, i've gone to Mesa Verde, the Grand Canyon, Arches, the Painted Desert, etc. almost every year since i was born. sometimes a couple of times a year. sometimes we'd go to as many as eight or nine National Parks in one trip! it will be nice after we are settled we can go back to our intensive vacationing schedules =)

the weather is unbelievably (for this time of year, in Kansas City) nice out! it's 68 degrees out, and i've got the window open. it feels so nice to breathe air that doesn't hurt my insides! the kitties are both by the window with their eyes shut and their nostrils wiggling.
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