Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Fun day!

What a fun day!!

We went out to Winter Park today (about a half hour away from here, a great little town not far from downtown Orlando). We hit the farmer's market, which is always fun (Matt's mom wanted some "real Florida oranges" - lol!). We got vegetarian bratwursts at the hotdog stand - yum!

We walked around the park, shops, etc. for awhile and then went on a Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour which was a blast! It took us through the lakes and canals - by all of the mansions and wildlife, very beautiful.

Afterward, we went downtown to the Garden Cafe (that all-vegetarian Chinese restaurant we go to all the time, hehe) and shared Sweet&Sour "Pork", Orange "Chicken", and Double-Fried "Pork" - all very good, and of course 100% veggie =)

Now we're back - Matt and his mom are off to the mall and then to Downtown Disney for the evening. And I'm here trying to work, lol. GEEZ - even after deleting the spam I somehow got over 100 emails since I LEFT this morning. I'll try to figure out which ones are of pressing importance (ie, orders, business, etc.) and get to them at least. Then I really need to paint - this Egyptian goddess is just staring at me from my painting table, lol!

BUT - I do have my webcam over at my computer right now, so if you guys want to watch me answer me email (fascinating, really!) you can watch me HERE! Hehe! I'll move it back to my painting table once I begin painting ;)
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