Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


I went ahead and put up a handful of my new stickers in my eBay store!!!

You can see them all here:

"Jasmine's NEW STICKERS!"

There are 12 designs in all(Silvery Mermaid, Wood Nymph, Cheshire Cat (by himself!), Alice & The Cheshire Cat, Alice & The Caterpillar, Lost But Not Worried,
Horned Fairy, Two Headed Girl, Fairy by Moonlight, The Empty Tomb, Hiding in the Swamp, & Bashful Fairy), and they are TOP quality vinyl stickers, very big and bright - 4"-5" across! Great for decorating your car, notebooks, furniture, walls, windows, well - anywhere with a flat surface really! They're on clear vinyl (the white border is just the backing behind them), heavy duty, and even lightly textured!

These will eventually be in the retail stores, but this will be your first chance to grab them online! I'll be getting a ton more in stock in a few weeks, but for now there are just very limited quantities available (so if you want one now, go for it!). They are retailing for $5.00 each - I can ship as many as you like together for $2.00 shipping cost (in the US) - or I can of course include them for no additional shipping in any painting or print order.


I'm going to be painting for the rest of the day (after I finish up a few things online), and you'll be able to watch me paint HERE!
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