Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Call for Models (well, photos at least.....)

Good morning!!! The Fairytale poll is doing nicely - I'll probably end the voting tonight at midnight, and base my next painting upon those results!

Would you like to be immortalized in a painting? Yep - I'm looking for models. I want to incorporate a wider variety of faces in my paintings, so I'm having an "open call" for models!

Now, these are NOT really portraits (not necessarily like the painting I did of Delphine for example), but rather I'm just looking for new faces, figures, features, etc. to use in my regular paintings (particularly in paintings with multiple characters, etc. etc. etc.). ANYBODY who wants to send me photos is welcome! Any age/size/gender/race/etc.. Please send clear, preferably large images. Any poses are fine, but classical poses are great! Artistic nudity is fine (I will not share the actual photos - don't worry!). I will use these photos as general references for future paintings! There is no guarantee that I will use yours or even ANY of the photos, lol, but if I see some that would fit my "style" I will use them for inspiration in some of my future paintings! Unfortunately I can't offer payment or any other monetary compensation, but if I work a great deal specifically from a particular photo reference in which the finished product is obviously based on a specific person, I would be happy to send a free print of that painting to the model =)

To submit a photo(s) - either post the image link in a comment to this post, OR email me with the subject line of "ART PHOTOS" (my regular email JasmineToad@aol.com address). Please include your name, address (if you would want a free print), and carefully read the terms below:

By submitting any photos, you are granting the usage of the photograph to be used in my own artwork. Please understand that I do occasionally publish and/or license my artwork, and that this artwork may be used commercially. Please be sure that there are no previous publications of these specific photos, and that you do indeed have the right to grant usage of the photos. If these photos are not of you, the submitter, please be sure that you have obtained proper permission of any of the people depicted in the photos. These photos may or may not ever be selected to appear in my artwork - submission is no guarantee of eventual usage. Please familiarize yourself with my typical subject matter, as your photos may be used in a fantasy/gothic/spiritual/occult/faery/fairytale/mythological setting. I will not be publishing or using in any professional capacity the actual photographs, just the paintings based (however loosely) on them. In the event the obvious likeness of a particular model is integrated into a future painting, a complimentary 8"x10" print will be offered to said model.

Okay - so, if you'd like to submit photos just email them to me (be SURE to say something like "ART PHOTOS" in the title of the email!), or post links to the images in the comments of this post. If you'd like to be elegible for a free print in the event I use your likeness in a future painting, please include your address and full name. Again - I probably won't use most of the photos, probably just if I see some that would work well with my style, etc.

I'm also working on a new "Gothling" (#6!!!!) - you can watch me paint HERE!
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