Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning!!!!!!

Lots of work to do today!

(Of course, I probably say that EVERY day....)

I'm working on a private commission so I do have my webcam pointed at the wall, lol. I'll hopefully finish it today though, and when I'm done I'll get started on Gemini and let you all know when the webcam is back =)

I'd also like to finish up some more of the Limited Edition Canvas prints of my other little Gothlings!!!! I have some additional canvas prints I need to hand embellish from other orders as well.

I'm so excited - Kachina and baby Theodore are coming to visit - they will be here on Saturday!!!!! And then the week after that, my grandma, aunt Lisa, uncle Kevin and cousin Ariel are coming down to visit for awhile too! And then I'm going up to Kansas City at the end of May (and then Wichita) of course for my cousin's wedding (burntorangehorn& malikasaghir! They're already married of course, but this is their "official" wedding)! Kachina & Theo are going to come back with me on the plane and visit here again. And then James (Kachina's husband) is hopefully going to fly down to join them and to help us move into our new house!!! Whew!!!!!

Okay - off to work!
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