Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

not just clean....unnaturally clean!

ahhh, back at home. i've been gone for well over a day - the kitties are happy to see me!

i went shopping tonight with kachina & heather (james' sister). we did some xmas shopping, and we also went to Chipotle (i got to go there today after all, lol). wow, an Indian buffet and a giant veggie burrito on the same day - you cannot imagine how full i am right now! we went to Oak Park Mall and Costco. i bought a couple of "Sonicare" toothbrushes (just like the dentist uses on you). they do 31,000 brushstrokes a minute and they beep at you when you've brushed long enough. i just used mine - it totally gave me that "unnatural-just-from-the-dentist" sort of feeling. they are just soooo cool! matt's using his right now. it was $100 for the two of them, but i think that they were worth it =)

also, i bought a little laser pointer to play with the kitties! we used to have one when azrael was a baby kitty and he just loved it. when matt gets back from brushing his teeth i'll try it out.

ah, i check my email to find 89 new messages. geez, i go one day without checking my email (and this is even after i switched most of my mailing lists to "digest").
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