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finished a hatchling

oh my - sisters were supposed to be back from florida today, but kachina just called us from marietta, georgia! apparently on the way there, their car (kachina's pink Hyundai, the "Candy Pony") broke down in atlanta. they walked to a service station, got a rental car, and went on to florida. when they got back to atlanta they still hadn't fixed her car, so they're staying in marietta (right next to atlanta) tonight. hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow (they all had to call into work tomorrow) so they can come home late tonight, but we'll see. poor things! other than that though, they had a great time.

in the meantime i have finished a nice little painting called "Hatchling" (it's 8"x8"). i'm gonna put it up on eBay right now. here she is:
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