Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


I'm sorry I forgot to update here with my webcam link! I've been working on a commission for wobblesnorts, it's coming along nicely =) The little faerie girl in it has her eyes closed, and has curly hair, both a little different than my usual work - it's fun to paint!

I played around a little bit with my new camera - I love it! Unfortunately the batteries were barely charged when I popped them in, so now it's charging up =P Hmph! I'm impatient about things like that. I might buy a separate set of rechargeable batteries to have in it while the others are charging.....

This weekend is the Celebration Spring Art Fair!!!!! They've blocked off the streets already, and I see tents going up, hehe. The Spring Art Fair had just left when we moved here this time last year, so we just barely missed it. I'm happy that I'll get to go to it this year! Maybe next year I'll even have a booth, hehe. In addition this weekend there is an arts & crafts festival at Lake Eola (in Orlando), we might go visit that one also. It's crazy - it seems that every weekend there is some fair or festival! I want to get out to the Renaissance Festival again sometime soon too - aaah! So much to do!
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