Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

I am an email answering MACHINE!!!!!!!

Hehe, I got so many emails answered this morning, I am proud =) I've got my inbox down into the low double digits - woohoo!

Damn you, Tracy Hickman, for your April Fool's joke, you had my hopes seriously up there for about two seconds =P (lol though!!).

I have some relatively mundane things to do today, including trying to buy a new camera. I can't even upload the photos I took way back when we first moved into our new townhouse, because my camera is too dodgy and turns itself off constantly =( Who would have thought dropping it repeatedly (once in the water, oops) would have somehow damaged a delicate electronic device? Hmph. I want to try to find one that uses the same kind of memory cards though, since I've invested a lot of money in those, lol.

I'll probably be painting on and off today too! Commissions, maybe a new Gothling or Taurus (the next zodiac sign!), etc. I want to do a new series of "Hidden Pictures" where I have big elaborate paintings with little hidden critters and things in them (I loved that kind of thing when I was little!!! Like the Graeme Base book "The 11th Hour"). Those are the kind of pieces that would probably take me days or weeks to finish, so I'd probably work on them on the "back burner" while I have other things going on. We'll see!

Off I go!
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