Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Alice Extravaganza!!!!!

Today I spent about 10 HOURS just working on my hand-embellished prints, hehe. But I am proud of the results! I finished the first of each edition of my Alice In Wonderland series!!!! Since each is the #01 numbered print of the edition, I am offering them up on eBay as a free-for-all auction (to give everybody a chance, since I know that some collectors prefer to snag the first of an edition).

"Alice Falling Down the Rabbit Hole"

"Alice and Humpty Dumpty"

"Alice and the White Rabbit"

"Alice and the Cards"

"Alice and the Caterpillar"

AND "Alice and the Cheshire Cat"

In addition, I have released the Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Canvas prints of "Horned Fairy", "Red Winged Fairy", "Silvery Mermaid", "Absinthe Afternoon", and "Little Faery Friends" in the 11"x14" size in my eBay store (the #02-25 prints, since the first of each of the editions has been sold) at a fixed price of $125.00. "Sparklng Among the Flowers" (numbers #02-#25) is also now available in my eBay store in the 8"x10" Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Canvas print for a fixed price of $100.00. Please note - the eBay store reads the quantity available as just 10, but there are of course 25 of each print made. I have limited the number in any given time in my eBay store to ensure that I do not accidentally "over sell" the edition between my store and website sales!

You can see all of the new Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Canvas prints in my eBay store here:

"Limited Edition Hand-Embellished Prints on Canvas"

Oh my - I'm off to grab dinner now! Enjoy!
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