Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Good morning!!!

Or, well, afternoon.

Yesterday we had a wonderful time - we ended up staying out all day, lol. We went to the Animal Kingdom (the animal park at Disney World) and had such fun! It was VERY crowded (spring break), but most of the attractions at the Animal Kingdom are just walk-throughs rather than things you have to wait in line for, so it didn't make that much of a difference there. We saw so many animals, as usual, hehe. The Komodo Dragon was having a wonderful time - usually they look pretty laid back, sitting in the shade, but this time one was swimming all over the place in his little river, playing in the waterfall, etc. Very cool! The monkeys were all being cute and wiley and adorable, and we saw all of the gorillas and tigers and all kinds of other animals.

We went to a little outdoor bar in the in Africa section and I got a "Blue Nile" which was a yummy coconut rum & blue Curaco type drink. Matt had a virgin pina colada, which was very good too. We went to the Tusker House restaurant there and had vegetable sandwiches with hummus, also very good.

We checked out the construction of "Expedition Everest" which is a HUGE mountain they are building there which will have a neat ride with Yetis and things (kind of like a Himalayan themed Matterhorn, perhaps, like at Disneyland in California), but it doesn't open until 2006, lol, so that'll be a bit of a wait....

After the Animal Kingdom we went out to Disney's "Old Key West" resort, and we had some snacks on their little boardwalk area - it's a beautiful, very laid back resort. THEN we went to Disney's Port Orleans resort which is a huge network of New Orleans themed hotels and little restaurants and stuff. One side of the resort is called "French Quarter" (where the hotels and surrounding resort areas are themed to the French Quarter) and the other side is "Riverside" which is themed to the large plantation homes - the hotels look like grand Southern Greek Revival mansions, with oaks and magnolias - all so pretty! We walked around the little river there, watched people having parties on their pontoon boats, etc.

We had a lot of fun! It was nice to have a day off.

But now, it's time to work =) I'm going to be multi-tasking - working on wobblesnorts' commission (the peach coloured painting on my webcam now), and some hand-embellished prints. I will be offering my "Alice" series in the limited edition canvas print format next!

You can watch me work HERE! I'm going to be doing some computer stuff first, but I'll be on there painting shortly!
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