Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

at kachina's house

lol, we just stayed at my sister chichi (kachina) & james' (her husband) house all night. right now matt and james are playing Metroid Prime upstairs. kachina is getting dressed i think (we stayed up really late - i remember watching the 5:00 morning news. Beaujo (their kitty) is being a cute cuddly thing. he's one of those cats that rolls around on the ground all the time like he's been sniffing catnip (even though he hasn't...). i'm hungry - there's been talk of going to Chipotle for veggie burritos...we'll see...

hehe, i've been watching my webcam from here trying to see if my kitties would run by. unfortunately i left the lights off at home, but i did leave the tv on. i had turne the cam down a bit to point it at quan-yin's bed but i didn't see her sleep in it. she and azrael are probably being cozy on the couch together since we weren't home.

i didn't win the powerball last night. but nobody else did either, so maybe i'll win next week (and get the larger jackpot). hope springs eternal.
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