Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

And the winner is.......

"Hunger Pains"!!!!!!!!!!!

I got my letter - Hunger Pains will be featured in Spectrum 11!!!! Yay! I always liked her, hehe. It feels strange to think that it's a self-portrat that will be in there - how weird!

We got our Florida License Plate today! Lol - we've only lived here 11 months after all, hehe. We picked the "Save Florida Panthers" nature plate (with the endangered Florida Panther on it). Now we have a blank spot in the front (Florida only requires a back license plate, as opposed to Missouri which needed one in front and one in back) - I'll pick out a fun plate to put up front. We will probably pick one with the Celebration logo on it, or maybe a Disney one or a Pirate Flag or something.

YAAYY!! Today I got my earrings I bought from smallgirl!!! They are gorgeous, and she sent me some candy too, hehe ;) If you ever need any beautiful hand-crafted high quality jewelry - check out her eBay store HERE!!!!!!!!

I'm getting ready to paint in just a few minutes. I should have my mermaid cuties ready to list tonight, and maybe get some canvas prints hand painted and finished as well! I've got a few things to do right quick, but then you'll be able to watch me work HERE!
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