Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

thoughts on moving, bedding, and other mundane issues

NOTE: this post may not be very interesting, and written in a very non-linear-stream-of-consciousness sort of way, so don't feel obligated to read it. it's probably rather dull to anybody but me!

i'm getting way too excited about moving! it's only going to
be 3 months (assuming we get the March move-in date), so i guess my excitement is a little more validated now. it's the same feeling i get a couple of months before a cool vacation that i've spend a long time planning. i've got the "I'm going to Disney World!" buzz, but it's amplified since it's more along the lines of "I'm moving to Disney World!" lol.

i'm itching to decorate our new place. i scanned the floorplan into Photoshop and drew some little couches and things and moved them around. could i be more of a nerd? lol. i'm giddy. i wish the leasing agent knew when exactly the apartment will be available. i'd like to know our future address, if we'll be on the first or second floor, if we'll get a porch or a balcony, which street we'll be on, etc. while i specified that we would prefer the smaller (and cheaper) one bedroom floorplan, if the larger one bedroom was available in march i think i'd go for it. it might be $100/month more, but that's only like $3/day. our very first apartment cost about the same as the Celebration apartments, and it was nowhere near as nice (that was 5 years ago - wow). it might be worth the extra space. really though, i'll take the first available because i have CABIN FEVER (or shoebox fever, considering my current tiny litte studio apartment). i also am having Disney-withdrawal, since i haven't been to the parks since August. i've done pretty good though - despite living in Missouri all of my life, my family always went to Disneyland at least every other year. and since i've grown up (using the term very loosely) i've tried to go to Disneyland or Disney World at least once a year (often two or three times). for awhile, i thought about joining the Disney Vacation Club (their euphemism for Disney time-shares), but then i realized that with a minimum of $12,000 for membership it would be cheaper to move there, lol. man, i'd like to go on a Disney Cruise. i was re-reading Tracy Hickman's email (he's the co-author of the Dragonlance books - they're my Bibles. he has a mailing list where he tells his rabid fans all sorts of stuff - yes, i know i am a nerd.) about his Disney Cruise vacation (he, consequently, is a member of the Disney Vacation Club) and how it was one of the best experiences of his life. i've never really been on a cruise ship. i rode on a pretty big cruise-like boat that ferries people across the North Sea from Germany to Helgoland (i ate at a restaurant on it which was fun), but that was only for a few hours. ok, now i'm officially rambling.

so... since i'll have a home with an actual bedroom (finally, after being stuck in a studio apartment!) i'll have an actual bed (rather than a futon). i eventually want to buy an antique Chinese opium/marriage bed, but i think i'll wait until we buy a house for that. i'll just get a nice queen sized sleigh bed or something for our apartment. i've been scoping out bedding sets - sheets, comforters, etc. Bed, Bath & Beyond carries Croscill bedding (nice stuff!), and matt and i looove the "Bengal Road" set. http://www.croscill.com/croscill/products.nsf/Bedding+Detail/Bengal+Road
it reminds me so much of the "Tyrone Powers" suite at the Pontchartrain Hotel in New Orleans. i loved that room so much. it had that antique-british-people-exploring-and-colonizing-india sort of feel to it (there's probably a real descriptive term for that, but i don't know it). you know, muted colours with strange monkeys and old maps and stuff. anyways, the bedding set is rather pricey. not totally high-end, but not SuperTarget stuff. the comforter is $400, the sheets are $150, the pillows are like $60/each. i'd feel dumb spending that much money on bedding. but... i did find the exact comforter new on eBay (a factory second due to a single discoloured thread that is completely un-noticeable) and it is only $139! and also on eBay, the pillowcases (two together) are only $15.99! i went to SuperTarget and looked at their bedding stuff, and they have some accent pillows that totally would go with it (strange monkeys and antiqued palm trees) that were only $14.99. i'm sure i could find some solid coloured sheets that would match... i think i might just do that. we could put all of the bedding into SpaceBags for the meantime. i feel bad spending money after i've been on a strict budget saving money for our move, but... this sort of thing is what i've been saving up for!

now, the other stuff i'll have to buy after we get down there. we'll need living room stuff - couch, chairs, perhaps a loveseat. we'll also need a new entertainment center (our current one would fall apart if we tried to move it). we also will need a new TV - our current screen is turning green in one corner, and it's very distracting - particularly if we are playing a video game that has colour-dependent elemtents. it's always had somewhat of a discoloured corner - i bought it when i was 17 from a pawn shop for pretty cheap. we'll probably stick it in our bedroom in our new apartment after we get the new TV. we'll need to buy dressers and end tables too. i've saved up a chunk of money to cover it all - it will be a great release to be able to finally spend it! wooo- shopping spree ;)

before we move though, we need a new car. probably tomorrow matt and i will go check out some classifed ads. i'm mostly looking at Jeeps and Saturns. i have several family members with Saturns and they just love them. i've got some money put aside for that as well, which i'll have to part with. about a year ago matt & i drew up a chart. we listed everything we would need to buy for the move (furniture, car, apt deposits, and most importantly, Disney World annual passes!!!!!), and added a few thousand for emergency $$$. we decided that matt would be responsible for our rent, utilities, etc, and i would just save my money to cover all of our moving expenses. i'm happy because i've saved more than enough and we still have a few months left ::yay for jasmine!:: we still have credit card bills and stuff we need to pay off, so that will be my next objective as soon as we move. when we transfer to our new bank we'll just get a joint checking account and fuel our money together and tackle that. i should get that taken care of pretty fast. then, our next objective will to be to save money for a house! i think we'll probably live in the apartment for a few years, and save up enough to put a hefty downpayment on a little house in Celebration. maybe (depending on how my art career is going) i'll save up enough to buy one flat out - that would be so awesome! i have a very optimistic and ambitious attitude toward my artwork (and a fierce determination when it comes to following my dreams in general). i've got several big steps for my career on the horizon - i hope that eventually i'll be making enough so that matt won't have to work at all any more. he can be my house-husband =)

matt intends to work four long days on (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)/three days off (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)after we move. i plan to paint and do my business stuff online solidly during the four days while he's at work, so we can just play on our three days off. since he's transferring to the Rainforest Cafe at Downtown Disney (which is often the highest grossing restaurant in the country, and sometimes the world) he gets to determine his own schedule. he's only planning to work there for maybe a few months until he gets a property management or real estate position (he'll have to get his Florida license). this is all assuming that we don't win the Powerball lottery tonight...

ok, i've typed enough =P
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