Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


Let me see.....

Yesterday was so eventful - we went to the Winter Park Art festival, and then Matt & I went and took a tour of Celebration Health's Fitness Center (the big fancy gym at the hospital here in town). It was really cool! We might get a membership there, we'll see....

At Celebration Health there is a little deli/cafe called "Season's" (doubling as the cafeteria for the hospital visitors, workers, etc.) which is so cool! Since it's a Seventh Day Adventist owned hospital (a religion that promotes vegetarianism) there were tons of vegetarian options there. Vegetarian chicken soup, vegetarian chicken salad sandwiches, lol, mediterranean foods, veggie burgers, etc. etc. Smoothie bar, snacks and stuff too. Very cute! We might eat there for lunch today, since it's so close and dirt cheap (hospital cafetria prices, lol). It's very cute and cozy too. They even sold canned meatless products from Worthington and Loma Linda - we bought a can of Choplets there, lol (vegetarian pork chop thingies).

We didn't eat there last night since they were closing up for the night (we went there late!) so instead we went to Passage to India right down the street on 192 - excellent Indian food!

Now, today we might go grab a quick lunch at Season's, and then I'll be back here working!!!! I still have TONS of boring paperwork and updating to do, but I think I will take a break from that and get some actual PAINTING done! I think I might do my next "Gothling" piece, and maybe work on some of my hand embellished canvas prints too!

I'll update here once I start painting!
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