Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith


Big news!

I just finished my first "hand embellished print on canvas giclee"!

I was waiting for my MisterArt.com shipment (which arrived!) because I had ordered a heat-fast UV Giclee Gloss, and it worked like a dream!

So basically, I going to start offering these in a very limited edition (editions of 25, of only selected paintings) format. Basically it is a print on a sheet of real artist's canvas (Fredrix, the same brand I paint my originals on), which I have then gone and hand-painted over a lot of the details, highights, etc. in acrylic paint (including a signature, date and edition number), and then have hand painted a UV Giclee Protectant (to protect, and prevent fading!), baked in the oven to heat-set it, and voila!

I cannot express how MUCH these look like original paintings! It is truly the next best thing!! Looking at it myself, as the artist, I seriously can't even tell the difference. Since I've hand painted over a lot of the details, and then hand painted the varnish/protectant you can even see the individual brushstrokes - it's amazing!

I've started off with Silvery Mermaid. She will be offered in this format in the 11"x14" size, and I am looking at her now and she is GORGEOUS! Each piece of course is one of a kind, since I've hand embellished the eyes, scales, hair, etc. with acrylic paints. I am going to put the first print of her up on eBay tonight, starting at a penny, just like an original!

Later on when I have time I will set up the other editions of her and other paintings I'll choose to offer in this format, put them in my eBay store, website, etc. etc. I just can't believe how much this looks and feels like an original painting - I am so impressed!!! This would totally be a wonderful option for somebody who can't afford an original, or who missed out bidding on the original painting. Hehe, I'm so excited ;)

In other news - I'm starting on my new "Rapunzel" painting - I think I will call her "Rapunzel in the Tower". It is going to be a looong painting - 12"x24"!!! Very tall, showing her hair tumbling down out of the window! You can watch me HERE!
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