Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

vanity thy name is Webcam!


long before i had my nice digital camera, i had a crappy IBM PC CAM. i used it for eBay auctions, etc. it was like $30 5 years ago, to give you an idea how crappy it was. so, it's been sitting on top of my old gateway computer for years, unused. i thought "hmm... surely that could be put to good use". so, i started a little webcam using yahoo's free webcam service. i put it on top of my new computer, and it streams constantly. it's a family-friendly "G-rated" webcam (don't get any ideas!). if i'm changing clothes or something i'll just turn the camera away or do it off camera. matt set it up on top of my monitor with velcro strips so i can move it around if i want - i plan on pointing it at me while i paint (art cam!) etc. i'm sure it will be of interest only to a few, lol. it will be cool after i move so my family can keep tabs on me =)

right now i'm using yahoo's free webcam hosting until i find something better. i'm trying to get on at myowncam.org but i'm having problems using the streaming software with my firewall (i think that's the problem!). i'll update everyone accordingly. i'll wait until i have a DECENT webcam page before i add links to my website, etc. so... in the meantime you all can squint your eyes at the crappy cam and LOOK AT ME!

you'll need to download yahoo's "webcam viewing" program, so just click yes when you are prompted after hitting this link (if you don't have it already!).

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