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Good morning!

Let's see, not a lot happening here - woke up, did my Tae Bo, took a shower, trying to get my hair dry enough it won't drip all over my paintings, lol, etc.

It's another beautiful day outside! Actually it's one of the coldest days this year, lol, but it's still nice, hehe. Mid-upper sixties. The other day it freakishly got up to 92 degrees, which just kind of confused me!

Guess what? I'm going to paint a new installment of my long-running Alice in Wonderland series today! I know I keep saying that, and then getting sidetracked, lol - but this morning I had not just one, but *two* emails from customers asking me when I was going to do my next Alice piece, hehe, so I figured I had better hop to it! I've decided to do an illustration from the scene where Alice is falling (floating?) down the rabbit-hole after it looks more like a room, where there are framed paintings on the walls, clocks, etc. And (here's the clever bit) - the framed pictures on the walls will actually be little versions of my other Alice in Wonderland paintings - like a portrait of my Cheshire Cat, and a picture of my Caterpillar, or maybe even my Humpty Dumpty, lol! Cool, eh? Like it's foreshadowing her meeting the characters. And then someday after we get my frameshop set up maybe I could do a cool thing where I sell the prints together (since this one references the other paintings). I'm getting ahead of myself though, hehe - I need to actually paint it first......

I think I might make this one a bit larger than usual too - I want to put in a bunch of detail!

So you can watch me work on it here: Watch my Webcam!
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