Jasmine Becket-Griffith (jasminetoad) wrote,
Jasmine Becket-Griffith

hmmm... i just got out of bed not to long ago. i had a terrible time falling asleep last night, i just wasn't tired at all. i stayed up amusing myself with The Simpsons Trivia Contest:


which is a 318 question game where you go as long as you can answering multiple choice Simpsons trivia questions (with a varying degree of difficulty). once you miss 3 questions you are OUT. i went through the whole game only missing only one question! it was an EASY question too. i must have clicked the wrong answer or something, because the question was "What is Patty&Selma's favourite TV Show?" and i thought that i had clicked "MacGuyver" of course! but i guess i didn't =(
so, i'm tied for second place behind 6 people who all tied for first place (and had perfect scores!).

matt's looking at a Jeep we might buy. i was still very sleepy this morning, and i really don't like doing that sort of thing, so i'm just going to trust his judgment. matt of course used to be a mechanic, so he'd be much better at determining the worthiness of a used vehicle than i would be. if alles klar i'll just go with him to the bank and make a big withdrawal. i'll have to be there to take the money out because i recently moved most of our joint savings into my own personal checking account (lol, that sounds very suspicious, doesn't it?). i'm trying to consolidate some of our accounts before we move. they don't have US Banks down south at all, so we're going to have to tranfer it all to SunTrust bank (they seem to have the monopoly on banks around central florida) and i want as smooth a transition as possible.

>sigh< all of this bank stuff is going to be such a hassle - my current checking account is very ingrained into both my business and personal finances. matt and i both use direct withdrawal/deposit plans for assorted bills and what not. i also pay all of my bills online through Billpay, so i'll have to change that. then there is Paypal, eBay, Propay, my merchant account, Ameritrade, and a lot of other sites and programs i regularly access my assorted accounts with! i also use my debit card from my checking account to buy just about everything online - from Amazon.com to half.com to my webhosting and even my internet service! and then there's Quicken! Quicken! grrrr. i'm going to make a checklist SOON of everything i'm going to have to change. i'm sure there's lots of stuff i haven't even considered - and of course i'll have to update all of my contact information on everything. i still haven't gotten around to updating my domain contact info through Network Solutions since we lived at our last house (before we moved into this "temporary" apartment...). lol, my god this must be a boring entry to read! i'll just stop now...
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